Our Wholesale Candida Complex is an effective formulation of herbs, enzymes, mushroom extract and probiotics that are designed to combat Candida. Candida albicans is a fungus, which grows as a yeast, and is seen in up to 80% of the population. When Candida is under control, it can almost be unnoticed, but when Candida is out of control, it can cause many undesirable symptoms including, joint pain, fatigue, weight gain, gas and a variety of cardiovascular concerns.

  • Oregano Leaf Extract: Rich in a several natural compounds such as biocides, Carvacrol and Thymol, Oregano Leaf Extract might have beneficial effects that slows growth of yeast cells.
  • Magnesium Caprylate: A strong version of Caprylic Acid, works in the body to fight Candida and does not have adverse reactions to beneficial organisms. Caprylic Acid is believed to be involved in the removal of yeast, by breaking down the membrane of the yeast cells which include those strongly ingrained in mucous membranes.
  • Wormwood Leaf Powder: This is often used as a digestive tonic, Wormwood could be described as a powerful and effective opponent against organisms in the body such as Candida.
  • Cellulase and Protease: These kinds of enzymes are very effective fighting Candida as they consume the cell wall of the Candida cell, as well as its protein nucleus. This approach to focusing on Candida results no undesirable interaction to the body as the Candida cells die off.
  • Reishi Mushroom: This form of mushroom supports the immune system as well as giving benefits by its actions fighting Candida.
  • L. Acidophilus: This well known probiotic strain is used to support increased healthy bacteria levels inside the intestinal tract, often used after taking antibiotics. Low levels of healthy bacteria levels can cause an increased levels of Candida and other unwanted organisms.
  • Aloe Vera: This remarkable plant offers many health benefits and is used to support lowering pH levels, as Candida needs an acidic situation to thrive.
  • Black Walnut: This may be the most effective ingredient used to combat Candida levels. The tannins that are naturally present in Black Walnut make it a strong fighter against yeast and other parasites.
  • Anise Seed: Another natural method to deal with Candida levels and is considered useful because of it’s natural antioxidant flavonoids that are in anise seeds.
  • Arabinogalactan: This chemical is found in a several plants and thought to be beneficial for increased healthy intestinal flora levels and supports a healthy immune system also.
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