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Wholesale ProHydrolase – Fast Protein Absorption

Wholesale ProHydrolase® a Private Label Sports Nutritional Supplement, is an advanced enzyme blended

product used to increase muscle mass and provide a much quicker and optimal muscle recovery time span. ProHydrolase supports this muscle building and recuperative properties when used as an ingredient in protein supplements. Wholesale ProHydrolase® Supplement, provides fast and full digestive support for di and tri peptides, thus giving the Sports Nutrition followers a great muscle building supplement with enzymes that supports more rapid muscle fusion than most competitors products.

Private Label ProHydrolase – Increase Muscle Mass

Wholesale ProHydrolase Supplement is a bio-sufficient supplement for sports nutrition, great for body builders, runners, fitness enthusiasts, or people with an active lifestyle. ProHydrolase constructed to build or increase muscle mass and accelerate muscle recovery, using it as an ingredient in protein supplements or in along with a protein supplement. ProHydrolase has a blend of enzymes that will digest protein to a more bio-usable form, using the advantage of available essential amino acids, that supports building muscle and muscle recovery. It increases the performance of protein powder adding more benefit, helping the body to absorb more protein rather instead of excreting it. ProHydrolase® greatly reduces discomfort typically caused when protein is not broken down into the smallest composition. Wholesale ProHydrolase Supplement utilizes an enzyme blend to create an effective digestive scheme while used with proteins, including whey, casein, soy, egg, pea and hemp.

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Nutun Enterprises high quality Wholesale Private Label Health Supplements are manufactured in a GMP and FDA Registered facility. Our Private Label ProHydrolase™ is a Non-GMO supplement and we offer other NON-GMO Private Label Health Supplements also.

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