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Wholesale Private Label L-Carnitine Supplement Support for Cardiovascular System



Private Label L-Carnitine Supplement

L-Carnitine, has been recommended to patients, as studies of L-Carnitine indicate that older people that use this private label cardiovascular supplement

show an increased amount of physical and mental energy, while reducing fatigue and muscle loss, and can also produce a better balanced mental state of mind.

L-Carnitine, an amino acid, is produced in the kidneys and liver. The highest levels of this nutrient is most often found in the heart, brain and muscles. Older people typically produce less L-Carnitine and this leads to fatigue, muscle loss, increased body fat and a slow down both mentally and physically.

L-Carnitine Cardiovascular System

Doctors are offering L-Carnitine more often especially in light of a Mayo Clinic study indicating that patients, that had a history of heart attacks, had significantly less angina, often referred to as chest pain, and a marked reduction in ventricular arrhythmia or abnormal rapid heart rhythms.

L-Carnitine Versatility

Some people use a L-Carnitine supplement for weight loss, when used with a regular exercise regimen, it can help to improve the overall composition of the body in older adults. Cancer patients have reported improved energy levels and a better quality of life when using this private label supplement. Other extra benefits this supplement may offer are help with fighting chronic fatigue syndrome, type 2 diabetes, including nerve damage from diabetes, kidney disease, male infertility and erectile dysfunction.

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