Wholesale Private Label Green Coffee Bean Complex Supplement

Private Label Wholesale Green Coffee Bean Extract Complex

GREEN COFFEE BEAN COMPLEX with Resveratrol and more!

Private Label Green Coffee Bean Extract, one of the most exciting Private Label Weight Loss dietary supplements creating mountains

of sales in the weight loss market. Wholesale Green Coffee Bean Complex is the anti-oxidants that it contains. Our Green Coffee Bean Complex also includes Acai, African Mango and Resveratrol Extract for added weight loss benefits.

Private Label Green Coffee Bean Extract Weight Loss

Green coffee bean extract is used weight loss and weight management. Clinically tested green coffee bean extract typically contains 45% to 50% standardized rate of chlorogenic acid. Known for its antioxidant abilities, this formula has strong indications of producing fat burning results and can aid in producing an anti-diabetic effect. Green coffee bean extract appears to help the efficiency of the human metabolism. The main effect is that it will increase the body’s fat-burning abilities.

Green Coffee Bean Extract with Chlorogenic Acid

What is Green Coffee Bean Extract with Chlorogenic Acid and why is it important?

Cholorogenic acid is the compound found in unroasted green coffee beans. Doctors have been led to believe that this compound is the key ingredient in green coffee beans that causes the body to burn fat. Certain people believe that it was the caffeine in green coffee bean extract that produced the fat loss but unfortunately they are wrong. Our green coffee bean extract capsules contain less caffeine than an average cup of your favorite roasted coffee.

Cholorgenic acid starts at the liver. Once metabolized the green coffee bean extract capsules release this compound which is absorbed by the liver. In the liver chlorogenic acid inhibits the production of glucose while maximizing the livers ability to burn fat. This two-fold process is considerably the holy grail to losing weight and burning fat off quickly.

Green Coffee Bean Extract Burn Fat

Glucose, or simply the common name sugar is in our daily diets no matter what we eat. Our body breaks many foods down to sugar and this is completely unavoidable. With the help from the green coffee bean the liver literally does not have to work as hard, making it a stronger fat-burning organ. Green coffee bean extract increases your metabolic rate, therefor burning fat quicker than usual.

Green Coffee Bean Weight Loss Pills Block Fat Production

Chlorogenic acid is also known to block the liver from producing glucose. By inhibiting the release of glucose into the bloodstream there is no way for the body to produce more fat. Thus within a small amount of time belly fat and other areas where fat cells collect will start to disappear.

Overall Health – Chlorogenic acid is a polyphenol that is known to subdue carcinogens that are a form cancer in the human body.
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