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Posted: April 29, 2021, 3:10 pm
Posted: April 29, 2021, 3:02 pm
Posted: April 29, 2021, 2:35 pm
Posted: April 29, 2021, 2:29 pm
Coffee With 200% More Antioxidants.
Posted: March 20, 2019, 2:11 pm
Clean energy sourced from green coffee.
Posted: March 20, 2019, 2:09 pm
Clean Energy Sourced from Green Coffee
Posted: March 20, 2019, 2:08 pm
Clean Energy Sourced from Green Tea.
Posted: March 20, 2019, 2:06 pm
Helping the Body Recover from Harmful Toxins
Posted: March 20, 2019, 2:04 pm
A relaxing botanical that brings a calmness you can feel.
Posted: March 20, 2019, 2:03 pm
A delicately sweet flavor to complement any beverage.
Posted: March 20, 2019, 2:02 pm
Organic Vitamin C Extract from Amla Gooseberry
Posted: March 20, 2019, 1:59 pm
A dust and stain free organic curcumin extract designed to reduce cleanup time significantly.
Posted: March 20, 2019, 1:56 pm
An innovative, superior quality turmeric extract that yields a complex flavor and full solubility for simple formulation.
Posted: March 20, 2019, 1:55 pm
Perfect for beverages, stick packs, or effervescent tablets.
Posted: March 20, 2019, 1:53 pm

Dietary Supplements New Links: MedlinePlus RSS Feed

Dietary Supplements New Links: MedlinePlus RSS Feed

Source: National Institutes of Health - From the National Institutes of Health

Posted: December 14, 2021, 7:59 pm


DailyMed provides high quality information about marketed drugs. Drug labeling on this Web site is the most recent submitted to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and currently in use; it may include strengthened warnings undergoing FDA review and minor editorial changes.

Updated Date: Thu, 15 Jul 2021 00:00:00 EDT
Posted: July 15, 2021, 4:00 am

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Hospitals are facing pressure from a grassroots staff campaign to provide hot, nutritious meals to staff working night shifts and at weekends.In many hospitals, catering for staff is based around...
Author: Ingrid Torjesen
Posted: January 20, 2022, 1:26 pm
Symptoms involving almost every organ system have been reported after SARS-CoV-2 infection.123 Estimates of the prevalence of long covid (also called post-covid-19 condition, post-acute sequelae of...
Author: Petra Zimmermann, Laure F Pittet, Nigel Curtis
Posted: January 20, 2022, 12:36 pm
The Nationality and Borders Bill making its way through UK Parliament has received severe criticism in the past few months,1 but there has been little discussion of its implications for the health of...
Author: Matteo Besana, Yusuf Ciftci, Thabo Makuyana
Posted: January 20, 2022, 12:31 pm
SARS-CoV-2 is transmitted mainly through short and long range airborne transmission.12 The omicron variant shows faster transmission and greater vaccine escape than previous variants.3 Further...
Author: T Greenhalgh, Zhe Peng, Jose L Jimenez, W Bahnfleth, S J Dancer, L Bourouiba
Posted: January 20, 2022, 11:16 am
Plan B restrictions in England, including mandatory face masks and advice to work from home, will end from 27 January, the prime minister, Boris Johnson, has announced.But as levels of infection...
Author: Jacqui Wise
Posted: January 20, 2022, 11:06 am
PrediabetesPrediabetes is a label applied to people with evidence of impaired glucose metabolism but whose glucose or HbA1c levels aren’t high enough to meet diagnostic criteria for diabetes. An...
Posted: January 20, 2022, 10:21 am

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During the COVID-19 pandemic, some consumers seem to be increasingly interested in turning to ivermectin, a drug often used to treat animals, to treat COVID-19. FDA has not approved or authorized ivermectin for this use. Using ivermectin to attempt to treat COVID-19 can b dangerous and even lethal.
Author: FDA
Posted: January 13, 2022, 7:46 pm
Patients today have more treatment options in the battle against coronavirus disease. FDA has approved one drug treatment for COVID-19 and authorized others for emergency use during this public health emergency.
Author: FDA
Posted: January 12, 2022, 6:11 pm
FDA ensures that the list of ingredients on food packages is accurate and complete. The agency monitors food products to make sure that the labels are truthful.
Author: FDA
Posted: January 11, 2022, 6:56 pm
Timely articles and multimedia content about food and food-safety.
Author: FDA
Posted: January 11, 2022, 5:59 pm
Consumers drink billions of gallons of bottled water each year. Find out about FDA's role in ensuring that bottled water products are safe.
Author: FDA
Posted: January 11, 2022, 2:50 pm
FDA has concluded that cattle, swine (pigs), and goat clones, and the offspring of any animal clones traditionally consumed as food, are safe for human and animal consumption
Author: FDA
Posted: January 10, 2022, 10:33 pm
If you use a product regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and have an unexpected reaction or other problem, the FDA wants to hear from you. Learn how to report problems.
Author: FDA
Posted: January 10, 2022, 9:16 pm
From medical X-ray scanners used to see inside the body to surgical lasers used for cosmetic purposes or to improve eyesight, FDA ensures the safety and effectiveness of a wide range or products that emit radiation. To learn more, read these Consumer Updates.
Author: FDA
Posted: January 10, 2022, 7:59 pm
Un oficial de la Oficina de Investigación y Revisión Hematológica de la FDA discute alentadoras tecnologías que incluyen el uso de sangre y productos sanguíneos, para extender la vida de los productos sanguíneos mediante el uso de la tecnología del DNA hasta una mejor combinación entre donantes y receptores.
Author: FDA
Posted: January 10, 2022, 4:57 pm
An FDA official in the Office of Blood Research and Review discusses promising technologies involving blood and blood products, from extending the life of blood products to using DNA technology to better match donors and recipients.
Author: FDA
Posted: January 10, 2022, 3:51 pm
Anabolic steroids pose special risks to teens, whose bodies are still developing. The damage may be irreversible in some cases.
Author: FDA
Posted: January 7, 2022, 8:31 pm
Los productos inyectables para aclarar la piel son medicamentos que no han sido aprobados ni evaluados y que podrían causar posibles daños, según advierte la Administración de Medicamentos y Alimentos (FDA). La FDA no ha aprobado ningún medicamento inyectable para blanquear o aclarar la piel.
Author: FDA
Posted: January 6, 2022, 6:42 pm
Injectable skin lightening products are unapproved, untested drugs that could potentially cause harm, the FDA warns. The FDA has not approved any injectable drugs for skin whitening or lightening.
Author: FDA
Posted: January 6, 2022, 4:48 pm
How does FDA ensure that generic prescription drugs are safe and effective alternatives to brand-name drugs? The generic drugs approval process includes a review of scientific data on manufacturing, ingredients and performance. Plus, FDA tests selected drugs, both brand-name and generic, in its laboratories.
Author: FDA
Posted: January 5, 2022, 9:55 pm
Consumer articles about over-the-counter and prescription drugs.
Author: FDA
Posted: January 5, 2022, 3:27 pm
Head lice. Learn how to check for them, how to treat them, and how to avoid having them in your home.
Author: FDA
Posted: January 4, 2022, 5:48 pm
Many ads on social media and "healthy" websites claim their products can cure cancer. They cannot.
Author: FDA
Posted: January 4, 2022, 5:36 pm
Get answers to your questions about the standards for safety and effectiveness to support an emergency use authorization of COVID-19 vaccines.
Author: FDA
Posted: January 3, 2022, 6:22 pm
Easy-to-understand information about the different types of coronavirus tests
Author: FDA
Posted: December 30, 2021, 2:06 pm
Dietary supplements are regulated by the FDA as food, not as drugs. However, many dietary supplements contain ingredients that have strong biological effects which may conflict with a medicine you are taking or a medical condition you may have. Products containing hidden drugs are also sometimes falsely marketed as dietary supplements, putting consumers at greater risk. For these reasons, it is important to consult with a health care professional before using any dietary supplement. Read these Consumer Updates to learn more.
Author: FDA
Posted: December 21, 2021, 9:49 pm

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