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Nutun Enterprises wants your health supplement business to grow,

so we offer you more than 200 stock supplement formulations, any of them you can private label. Many companies require very large beginning orders to “qualify” for private labeling, Nutun Enterprises offers a low, minimum order of only 144 bottles per item under your own label. You can get started with private labeling your health supplements without having a large and expensive start up cost.

Private Label Supplement Distributors

This is Private Labeling, when you use high quality, time tested and proven Health Supplements and package them with your brand, logo, and label.

Private Label Your Health Supplements

Private Label your brand of health supplements, this is a great way to brand your company name and style to insure repeat sales. Don’t sell and promote someone else’s branded product – brand your company name and health supplements today! When you ‘Brand’ your product using private labeling, it will produce return sales as your contact information is on the label, (address, phone number, web site and email). Your customers can simply reorder using the information they find on your label, even if they’ve moved!

Establish Your Own Brand of Health Supplements

Private Labeling is a critical step in creating and maintaining a customer account base. Marketing and selling your products with your company name, logo, design, and address on the package helps to ensure that customers identify with your company both for initial and repeat purchases. Private labeling is a service that Nutun Enterprises offers to you so your company can establish or reinforce your brand of health supplements. You can always apply your own label to any of more than 160 stock products or you may elect to establish your own brand name on one or more custom formulations that are exclusive to your company.
Private labeling with Nutun Enterprises, you can select from over 160 proven stock formulations. Nutun Enterprises will help you establish your brand. We will work hand-in-hand with you to create a label for each health supplement that you choose to market.

Selling our proven products that you do not have to manufacture yourself. You can start selling Health Supplements with very little start-up cost. You also have access to wholesale health supplement pricing, this will give you the option to mark-up your products to 200% or even 300% above your cost. Combine the cost savings with the cost benefit of a low-risk start-up and you have a winning combination for success!

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