Private Labeling Bottle Packaging Options

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Wholesale Private Label Supplements Vitamins Packaging Bottle Options

Nutun Enterprises is very happy to give our clients a variety of packaging bottle options for their marketing needs including conventional bottles, individual daily packets for capsules, and tablets. Most are available for free private labeling in quantities 100 units per item.

Stock Bottles HDPE

Wholesale Health Vitamin Supplement Standard HDPE Bottle
Wholesale Health Private Label Vitamin Supplements Standard HDPE Bottle

Bottles (round packers) are offered in a several sizes and colors in both HDPE Bottles (High-Density Polyethylene) and PET Bottles (Polyethylene terephthalate).

HDPE bottles, the standard bottle, offered in a white matte finish and is available in the widest size range from 100CC to 3000CC. Almost all of the stock products and custom formulations are quoted in white HDPE bottles unless otherwise specified.

Private Label PET Bottles Add Value

PET bottles looks very much like a glass bottle and can make a significant

Wholesale Health Vitamin Supplement PET Bottle
Wholesale Health Vitamin Supplement Distributor PET Bottle
visual impact of your supplement product line. This option is more expensive than a HDPE bottle, PET bottles can add an average of 10 to 25 cents per bottle, but wll make a substantial difference in the visual impact of your product line. Our stock inventory of PET is more limited, but is offered in the most commonly used sizes in several colors.

Single-Serving Packets for Capsules, Tablets and Soft Gels

Nutun Enterprises also offers single-serving daily packets of tablet and capsule combinations in a wide range of packets that cover multi-vitamins / minerals, sports nutrition, joint health, cholesterol and much more, all of which may be private labeled individually or in a supply of up to 60 days per jar or bag. 3” x 3” packets are available in clear or clear and white. 3” x 4” packets are available in clear only. Custom printed packets are available in larger quantities.

Single-serving packets provide a level of convenience, effectiveness and economy not available when a person is forced to buy numerous bottles of different products. The packets offer convenient dosing and present the perfect means of taking your supplements with you on trips.

Create your own unique combination of tablets, capsules and soft gels with our assistance using our stock inventory of more than 160 different formulations. Nutun Enterprises high quality Wholesale Private Label Health Supplements are manufactured in a GMP and FDA Registered facility and many are NON-GMO Health Supplements also.