Gummy Bears Private Label Kid’s Wholesale Multi-Vitamins with Minerals



Private Label Kid’s Gummy Bears

Nutun Enterprises Private Label Kids Gummy Bears are a great alternative, to get the vitamins and minerals children need, for the many kids that do not eat healthy.

A majority of children could benefit from taking a Wholesale Multi Vitamin with Minerals. Pediatricians are known to recommend a daily kids multi vitamin or a mineral supplement for the following reasons:

  • Kids that do not eat regular well-balanced whole food meals
  • Picky eaters who are not eating enough
  • Children with medical conditions, especially if they’re taking medications (*please note*, it is recommended to consult your child’s doctor before starting a supplement if your child is on medication)
  • Super active kids who often run around constantly or play high intensity physical sports
  • Kids that eat a great deal of fast foods, pre-made frozen foods, and processed foods
  • Kids that are using a specialized  diet, such as vegetarian diet, a dairy-free diet (they may need a calcium supplement), or any other restricted diet
  • Kids who consume large amounts of carbonated sodas, which can drain vitamins and minerals from their bodies

Private Label Gummy Bear Vitamins for Kids

Nutun Enterprises offers Private Labeling for Children’s Multi Vitamin & Minerals, with a 144 Bottle minimum quantity order, our art department will work with you to design your own great looking logo. After the logo has been approved by you we provide FREE Private Labeling and the Fastest Shipping in the Nutraceutical Industry. Get started Today! Earn a Great Income selling your own Brand of Kids Gummy Bear Vitamins with Minerals. Get your Gummy Bear Vitamins for Kids Today!

Nutun Enterprises high quality Wholesale Private Label Health Supplements are manufactured in a GMP and FDA Registered facility and many are NON-GMO Health Supplements also.

Build Your Business & Your Brand

We know that when it comes to your business goals and your bottom line, nothing but the best will do. That’s why we pride ourselves on offering only the highest quality products at prices that won’t break the bank—and with private labeling, we can offer even more value than ever before! With our extensive range of gummy supplements available in bulk quantities, there’s no limit to what you can achieve when working with us!

If you want to sell products but don’t have the resources or time to develop them from scratch then private labeling might be right for you! Private Labeling allows you to put your brand name on a product that’s already been developed by someone else so that you can focus on other areas of your business while still offering something unique to your customers. Plus, when done correctly, private labeling can actually help build trust with your audience because they know that the product is from a reputable company who cares about quality and safety just as much as they do.

Nutun Enterprises brings you the highest quality Wholesale Private Label Gummy Supplements. Please fill out the form below and our Global Nutraceutical Brokers will contact you soon!

Wholesale Private Label Vitamins and Supplements

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