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Wholesale Private Label KRILL OIL 500mg OMEGA 3,6, +9 with Astaxanthin

Wholesale Private Label Krill Oil Supplement Supplier

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Wholesale Krill Oil with natural essential fatty acids including EPA, DHA, Omega-3, Omega-6, Omega-9, our Wholesale Krill Oil also has other phospholipds and Astaxanthin. Krill Oil is similar fish oil without the (“burp back”) aftertaste! Private Label Krill Oil, made from krill, which is a very small creature that is similar to a shrimp, that live in very cold ocean waters, have health benefits similar to fish oil. Our Wholesale Krill Oil includes omega-3 essential fatty acids, high phospholipid content and a natural powerful antioxidant known as Astaxanthin. The Astaxanthin found in our Wholesale Private Label Krill Oil, a naturally occurring antioxidant. Other omega-3 sources lack natural antioxidants of this stature, making them prone to oxidation and degradation. Unlike fish oil, the omega-3 Krill Oil is found in the phospholipid form. Krill oil has phospholipids, this makes it much easier for the body to absorb and so, you don’t have to take as much to receive krill oil benefits. The phospholipids found in krill oil also help to stop, the reflux (“burp back”) and fishy aftertaste people often have with standard fish oil supplements.

Krill Oil Wholesale Supplement Supplier

Krill oil benefits include a vast array of support for the body, but primarily all benefits arise from the high level of Omega-3’s in krill oil. Omega-3 fats are crucial for the body. They are not made by the body, so we must consume them from some form of supplement. Krill oil is an important way to get Omega-3’s. In addition, krill oil seems to ease menstrual cramps. One study found that women who took it needed fewer painkillers.
Krill oil can help relieve symptoms of PMS, reduce cardiovascular disease (both lowering LDL – the bad cholesterol, and increasing HDL – the good cholesterol,) fight the signs of aging, reduce inflammation, decrease joint discomfort, reduce dementia and other diseases like Parkinson’s, and even keep a healthy mind sharp. Krill oil has also been used to improve emotional health in depressive patients and helped to aid sufferers of ADD and ADHD. It can help to treat skin diseases like psoriasis, and dermatitis. It boosts the overall health of your body, but especially benefits the heart, and brain. This supplement also increases your overall energy and vitality, and can minimize unsightly wrinkles. There is research being conducted currently that points to Krill Oil might be able to reduce the signs of cancer.

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