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Private Label LION’S MANE

Private Label Lion’s Mane Supplement, is derived from a variety of mushroom, known as yamabushitake. Lion’s Mane mushrooms has long been used as a Chinese medicinal herb. It’s name comes from the fact that it resembles a Lion’s Mane. Lion’s Mane provides bioactive compounds that has a great many benefits, especially for the brain, heart and digestive system.

Lion’s Mane: Private Label Nootropic

Lion’s Mane mushroom supports the brain’s production of nerve growth. Lion’s Mane Mushroom may have a nerve growth factor, a supportive agent, for improved brain structure and plasticity, that could lead to sharper memory, a positive healthy mood and better mental clarity. Lion’s Mane mushroom supplement has nootropic support that supports both the growth and increase of new brain cells. It also helps brain cell membranes more flexible, this is needed for better brain structure, which produces better cognitive performance and improved brain health.

Wholesale Lion’s Mane: Antioxidant

Inflammation and oxidative stress are widely considered to be a primary cause of several modern illnesses, such as heart disease, autoimmune disorders, and cancer. Lion’s mane mushrooms may help reduce some of the health risks caused from obesity, as some data indicates a decrease of inflammation within fat tissue. Research about the antioxidant capability of different mushroom types indicate lion’s mane had a high antioxidant activity and could be a good dietary source of antioxidants.

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Private Label Lion’s Mane: Cancer

Cancer happens as DNA is damaged and creates cells that divide and replicate out of control. There is research that indicate lion’s mane mushroom has cancer fighting effects, due to many of its compounds. In fact, lion’s mane extract is combined with human cancer cells, in a laboratory environment, they tend to cause cancer cells to die at an elevated level. This has been performed with several types of cancer cells, including colon, liver, stomach and blood cancer cells.

Private Label Lion’s Mane: Heart Health

Lion’s Mane mushroom benefits heart health in a number of ways, in particular, by balancing cholesterol levels as well as improving circulation throughout the body. Lion’s mane mushroom might help with preventing heart disease. Research indicates that extracts of lion’s mane may prevent the increase of LDL cholesterol, often called a bad cholesterol, increase HDL, known as the good cholesterol and reduce triglycerides which is a indicator of heart disease.

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