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Our newest Wholesale Prebiotic / Probiotic Formulated Private Label Supplement, Prevent Defense may well be one of the most

effective Prebiotic / Probiotic supplement formulations on the market making use of two primary unique ingredients, PreforPro® and Bacillus subtilus DE111®.

Wholesale Private Label Probiotics for Digestive & Immune Health

The human body carries nearly 100 trillion bacteria in the gut, which is more than 10 times the total number of human cells in the entire body. Probiotics are those “good” bacteria that help keep the intestines healthy and assist in digestion and nutrient absorption. Researchers are also finding evidence that certain bacteria in the gut can influence the development of aspects of the immune system. In fact, the gut accounts for 25% of the immune cells in the body which provides 50% of the body’s immune response.

Wholesale Probiotic Enhancing Prebiotic

PreforPro® supports the growth of beneficial bacteria in the gut through a novel prebiotic that is not fiber or starch-based, and requires a much smaller dosage than typical prebiotics. Probiotics are microorganisms similar to those that naturally exist in the gut. The idea is that in order to stay healthy, we must maintain a delicate balance of microflora (i.e. a mix of different bacteria) in the gastro-intestinal tract. That balance can easily be upset if unwanted bacterial populations become predominant in the GI tract.

Unlike conventional Prebiotics, such as a type of fiber or starch, PreforPro® is a Lytic Bacteriophage cocktail formulated to support healthy levels of good bacteria as opposed to unhealthy strains such as E. coli.

DE111® is a clinically researched Probiotic strain of Bacillus subtilus. This spore forming bacteria does not require refrigeration to remain active and is able to withstand heat and other adverse condions much more so than nonspore forming strains. In addition, Prevent Defense contains a 2nd spore forming probioc strain, Bacillus coagulans, as well as Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium lactis.

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DRcaps® is a registered trademark of Capsugel®.

DE111® is a registered trademark of Deerland Enzymes, Inc.

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