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Calcium Magnesium Vitamin D3

Wholesale Calcium Magnesium Private Label Supplement with Vitamin D3 supports strong bones and healthy teeth and promotes

the reduced the risk of osteoporosis, which often leads to fractures later in life. This Wholesale Calcium Magnesium Supplement may help reduce high blood pressure, helps prevent insomnia, supports colon health and magnesium supplements may reduce cholesterol levels by up to a twenty-five percent.

Calcium Magnesium formulated with Vitamin D3 gives elevated support for nerve and muscle function, including nerve impulses and helps to regulate heart rhythm. Magnesium and calcium used together support a higher degree of absorption and utilization within the human body. The optimal two-to-one ratio of calcium to magnesium will help maximize calcium absorption and it prevents adverse gastrointestinal effects that may occur when the two minerals are combined.

Magnesium Calcium and the Body

Information concerning calcium and magnesium deficiency usually does not to appear high on the to do list for many people, except for the health conscious. Nonetheless they really helpful mineral supplements that the body needs. It is a vital benefit for a large number of the body’s function and if there is a lack of magnesium, then there may be considerable rewards from using a magnesium supplement. Research studies have shown that those who are deficient in the mineral are more likely to have specific heart conditions and are at greater risk of heart attacks and coronary artery diseases. There are indications that magnesium supplements may reduce cholesterol levels by up to a quarter. Other benefits of supplementation for the heart include: – Reduced risk of abnormal heart rhythms – Reduced risk of stroke through regulation of blood pressure.

It has been reported that calcium deficiency conditions are rising, often in women that use a low-calorie diet to get slim, and are creating a threat or trouble of osteoporosis. So, it is important to consume enough calcium, vitamin D, and magnesium throughout your tender and adolescence years. Calcium is 2% of body weight in a human adult. Calcium is found in the human body as deposits in the bones and teeth in large volumes. Elements of calcium are also in the circulatory system, which prevent life threatening hemorrhages.

Calcium supplements supports premenstrual symptoms that can cause mood swings, fatigue, depression, tension, anxiety, bloating, cramping and overall aches and pains. With so many health benefits, it is incredibly important that we all make an extra effort to ensure that we get adequate amounts of calcium each day. It is also important to note that in order for calcium to be properly absorbed, you need to be get a proper amount of Vitamin D3 also.

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